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Sebastian HALPERN

(arg) 1.75m / 98kg


Navegación a vela


Halpern Argentina, Triunfo Seguros, Masteragua Sistemas de Riego, Luján Agrícola, Agromaq Virdo; Surmotors, Andreu Logística, Piedravlanca, Panella Motos, Yacopini Mercedes Benz.


Marca: Toyota
Modelo: Hilux GR DKR T1+
Preparación: Toyota Overdrive
Asistencia: Toyota Overdrive
Clase: T1


2022 : 15º W2RC
2021 : 5o

Otros Palmarés
2021 : 3º en el Hail Rally
2017: 4º en la Categoría Autos en el Desafío Ruta 40 Sur- Abandono en el Desafío Ruta 40 Norte (navegado por Eduardo Pulenta)
2016: 1º en el Desafío Ruta 40 (navegado por Eduardo Pulenta)
2015: 2º en en el Desafío Ruta 40 (navegante de Lucio Álvarez)
2014: 5º suads 4x2 del Campeonato Argentino de Rally Cross Country; 1º en la Categoría Quads 4x2 del Rally de Atacama

The comeback  

Sebastian Halpern started out as a promising quad rider, finishing 2nd on the 2011 Dakar. Ten years ago, he made his debut in a car as a co-driver before getting behind the wheel himself on the 2013 Dakar. In 2015, he returned to his first love, riding a quad before taking a three-year break and returning to cars. At the end of another three-year cycle, he came back to take part in the second part of the 2021 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup season at the wheel of a Mini X-Raid JCW buggy. The Argentinian recruited Bernardo 'Ronnie' Graue, who knew the car and the X-Raid team inside out, having previously co-driven for his compatriot Orlando Terranova. Like his new driver, 'Ronnie's started out in rally-raid riding a quad on the 2010 Dakar before climbing into the ‘passenger’ seat of Lucio Alvarez and 'Orly' Terranova, the two other big names from Argentina. Is it ‘Ronnie’s’ experience, the Mini JCW buggy, passing the 40-year mark, or maybe a combination of all three that helped Sebastián achieve a promising 2021 season? What is certain is that the driver from Mendoza posted a 7th place in Kazakhstan followed by two 5th places, in Morocco and Abu Dhabi and a 3rd place in Ha'il, to give him 5th place on the 2021 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup. And to confirm this consistency, the Argentinean stayed between 6th and 10th place in the provisional overall standings throughout the 2022 Dakar, giving him his best result in Jeddah last January with 8th place. Since the second round in Abu Dhabi, Halpern has joined the Toyota Overdrive team and is driving the latest generation T1+ Hilux which they raced on the second round of the world championship to collect 6 points. Driving a Mini in 2021 the Argentinian duo took 5 th place on the Rallye du Maroc. The next round in Morocco might allow them to get up into the top 5 of the W2RC.

Ranking 2022

Total dakar abu-dhabi maroc andalucia
25 15 + 4
2 + 4
- -