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(esp) 1.64m / 57kg


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Santander Consumer Finance, Red Bull, BF Goodrich, Sparco, Stillo


Equipo: Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team

Modelo: OT3

MotorizaciónVolkswagen 1000cc

Potencia: 125KW a 6000rpm

Peso: 1350kg

Preparador: Overdrive

Asistencia: Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team

Clase: FIA T3


2022 : 3ª T3 (2ª T3 W2RC)

2021: SSV/Abandono (1 victoria de etapa)

2020: Coches/42ª

2019: Coches/26ª (7ª de T1.2)

2018: Coches/38ª (2ª en T1S)

2017: Coches/44ª (6ª de T1S y 1ª piloto española en acabar el Dakar en coches)

The queen challenged by ‘Chaleco’

Back in January 2021 Cristina Gutiérrez became the first woman to win a stage on the Dakar since Jutta Kleinschmidt in 2005. The Spaniard, then aged 30, orthodontist by profession, began her rally career in 2011 and is currently the leading woman competitor in the sport. At the beginning of November she became the first woman to win a round of the FIA Cross Country World Cup in the T3 category. Her goal was a podium finish on the 2022 Dakar, and that's exactly what she achieved! On the Dakar in the T3 category, it was the Can-Am South Racing official 'Chaleco' Lopez who dominated proceedings, as he did on the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, where he finished, followed by the Spaniard, ahead of all the T1s entered in the W2RC, a first in the world series. In the provisional general standings of the world championship, in which cars, light prototypes and SSVs compete, Cristina and ‘Chaleco’ are not just making up the numbers. The T3 leader is also 5th in the race for the 2022 FIA World Champion title while Cristina, currently runner-up in their category, is ranked 7th. In the provisiona class standings, the Chilean has accumulated 141 points compared to 116 points for the OT3 driver. For the third round of the championship, François Cazalet, her co-driver since her debut in the OT3, will no longer be at her side. The Frenchman is now teaming up with the latest addition to the team, Belgian Guillaume de Mévius. It is Pablo Moreno Huete that the champion has called upon to replace him. The two Spaniards raced a car in the 2020 and 2021 Dakars, so Cristina’s flow who shouldn't be interrupted by the change of co-driver. He might also come in useful if anything breaks on their car. He ‘spannered’ on three Dakars before co-driving for the young Spanish lady driver in a Mitsubishi.

Ranking 2022

Total dakar abu-dhabi maroc andalucia
26 - 25 + 1
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