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The new terminology of FIA Cross-Country Rallying disciplines to be used from 2024

Some radical changes to the regulations in respect of the terminology used in the Cross-Country Rally Sporting Regulations have been approved by the World Motor Sport Council on Thursday 19 October.
A major overhaul to the naming cars and championships should make the various classes and type of vehicle easier to understand in layman’s terms and to simplify the terminology used in one of the fastest growing disciplines running under the FIA umbrella.
The five-group nomenclature (formerly T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5) that split the various machines eligible to compete in cross-country-type events was renamed with a view to bring more clarity and substance for the community.

  • Group T1 will now be known as ‘Ultimate’, with ‘Stock’ replacing T2, a category for series-production cross-country machines.
  • Group T3 for modified prototype cross-country vehicles is one of the fastest growing of all the motor sporting classes and this will be known as ‘Challenger, while ‘SSV’ replaces the Group T4.


The new terminology will then be used across the board to describe the various sub-championships. As examples, the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship for T3 drivers will be known as the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship for Challenger Drivers.