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Dakar 2024 (St 8) | Ferreira’s experience shines through

Following a broken steering rod at the start of the rally, João Ferreira has since busied himself with closing the gap separating him from Sara Price (South Racing Can-Am) and Yasir Seaidan (MMP). Today, the Portuguese driver has succeeded, with a win that allowed him to take command in the championship rankings for the category. Climbing and descending the rungs on the category ladder sums up João’s history in the rally-raid discipline, for he has not hesitated since his debut in 2019, and first attempt in the T2 class, to try out all the categories before finding his place behind the wheel of an SSV. Following the T1 class in 2021, behind the wheels of a Toyota Hilux and Mini X-raid, as well as the T3 class last year with Yamaha X-raid, he finally settled on an SSV for the Rallye du Maroc in 2023 and obtained a place behind the wheel of a Can-Am Factory for this season. At the age of 23 years, he already finished 6th in the T3 class in 2023 and 7th in the SSV rankings thanks to his victorious attempt in Morocco. Ferreira arrives in the SSV category with a wide-ranging wealth of experience which is likely to count heavily in his favour this season.

Extended highlights - Stage 8